CDS supports monitoring, diagnosis, prevention and management of Cassava diseases

The Cassava Disease Surveillance (CDS) is a virtual network for Nigeria for rapid preliminary diagnosis of cassava diseases by visual inspection of symptomatic plants submitted as ‘digital images’ by an internet enabled device such as smartphone, touch pad, computer and any other device. The CDS programs also supports follow-up inspections and laboratory testing of suspect samples for accurate diagnosis and offer solutions for prevention and management. Ultimate aims of the CDS-Nigeria are to protect cassava crops from destructive diseases by early diagnosis and control interventions to safeguard and improve cassava yields in the farmers’ fields; and rapidly identify invasive pathogens (e.g. cassava brown streak) and prevent them from establishing in Nigeria. The CDS-Nigeria is an open access platform managed by Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Services (NAQS), in partnership with International Institute of Tropical Agricultural (IITA)

Cassava virus disease surveillance in Nigeria

Cassava production has been ravaged by a number of endemic cassava pests and diseases in several Sub-Saharan African countries.Diseases caused by viruses have assumed prominence because of their high destructive effects on the yield and quality. Cassava mosaic disease (CMD), caused by at least 9 whitefly (Bemisia tabaci)-transmitted begmovirus species (family Geminiviridae), is one of the most important virus diseases of cassava which can cause as much as 100% yield loss in susceptible varieties.

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Incepting CBSD surveillance in Nigeria

The PRA exercise and preparations to pilot CBSD surveillance program in Nigeria has been initiated. National and regional regulatory organizations, including Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Services (NAQS) and Inter-African Phytosanitary Council (AU-IAPSC) were engaged. The NAQS Postentry Quarantine Headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria, was identified as the base to establish central monitoring station for digital surveillance program. A consultation workshop with the key stakeholders was organized to evaluate the probability of introduction and spread of a CBSD and develop a road map for effective surveillance in Nigeria. Participants from NAQS, AU-IAPSC, the AU-Science Technology Research Commission (AU-STRC), National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI), National Center for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB), representatives from cassava processing industry, seed growers, universities and the BMGF – WAVE project attended.